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Alvida’s Special Island

Alvida’s Romance


What You Get


  • [Tony Tony Choper] Hearty Yell
  • [Roronoa Zoro] Oni Giri (rookie)
  • [Roronoa Zoro] Three Thousand Worlds (Veteran)
  • [Roronoa Zoro] 108 Pound Phenix (Elite)
  • [Roronoa Zoro] Ashura Ichibugin (Expert)
  • [Iron Mace Alvida] Slip Slip Tracks


How to Beat Her (30 stam)

Alvida has 7 rounds,12,800 HP a defence of 40,000! The fodder also have a high defence.


  1. General fodder
  2. General fodder with a hermit crab and sea horse
  3. Daimyo turtle and one fodder (can stall here on the turtle)
  4. Coby – with 3,515 damage, 120,00 HP and 1-2 attack interval
  5. More fodder
  6. Fodder with Crab and Daimyo Turtle (can stall here)
  7. Alvida – 4,200 damage, 12,800 HP 40,000 defence 2 turn attack interval

Note: Master of the Near Sea can show at random but isn’t anything to stress about.


Recommended teams

High Attack is he way to go here or high ATK specials or specials not effected by defence

  1. Double Marco with PSY team
  2. Any Double 2.5 ATK captains with their matching crew e.g. double Mihawk slasher team
  3. High level double x2 HP x2 ATK captains with their match crew e.g. double Zoro DEX team
  4. Double G3 Luffy with any strong hitter team.
  5. Double Killer with any strong hitter team.
  6. Double Vista with Sanji V1 and Usopp (stall on rounds and then use 5k damage specials to take out Alvida (double Sanji with vista will also work)
  7. x25 ATK special characters with Usopp, stall till their special special then take out Alvida
  8. Double Don Krieg with Usopp, use Kriegs special and stall with Usopp

Note: You can use cabin Boy Helmeppo, his special reduces defence down to zero but unless you have levelled his special you have to wait 25 turns which is too long.



30 stamina with double Vista and Sanji

Credit to GameWith for some helpful info

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