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what shouldn’t I do?

  • You shouldn’t sell starting characters or gacha exclusive characters. You will get Luffy, Coby, Zoro, Usopp, Sanji, Nami and chopper by playing the storyline. You shouldn’t sell any of them because they are either really good characters or needed for a mission that will be released in the future.
  • You shouldn’t evolve Usopp into Tabasco star, instead when you are trying to evolve usopp, use the 2nd option by swiping right. The evolution will need a sea pony, a yellow robber penguin and a yellow crab. This will evolve usopp into Golden Pound Usopp, one of the best character in the game. You also shouldn’t evolve Golden Pound usopp, because he is better than the evolved version Sogeking. GP Usopp special takes 15(10 max special lvl) turns to charge, while sogeking takes 20 (15 maxed), the 5 turns sometimes can be a deciding factor for winning or losing a fight. You might also want to NOT level GP usopp because usually his damage doesn’t matter, and having him at low level means you can stall more to charge your team’s special.
  • You shouldn’t do rare recruit anytime other than Sugofest. Read below for info on Sugofests



This event usually occurs every month. On sugofest, you can get sugofest exclusive units from rare recruit which are usually 6 star. For now the only unit available on Sugofest is Whitebeard. There will be more units available on future sugofest. Usually on sugofest there will be also increase rate on some units. This is the only time you should be spending your Rainbow Gems for rare recruit.



Q: what is a re roll and should i do it.

A: if you don’t have either Edward Newgate / Whitebeard (Only available during Sugofest), Balloon LuffyKiller, NamiV2Vista and Nico RobinJozu, or Shanks (and preferably another decent PSY character). Then you should do a re-roll.

A re-roll is were you restart the game to get stronger initial characters to give you a better chance in the game. Before you re-roll, first you should go to others > change device > issue password. Screen shot or save your password to save your current account incase you get even worse characters on your re-roll (you password only lasts one week so make sure you re roll within the week or you’ll need to get a new password again.)

To re-roll just delete the app and download it again, this is unfortunately against the games TOS so do it at your own risk and don’t go doing it over and over again.

Levelling characters

Q: How do i level up my characters?

A: Obviously levelling your characters makes them stronger. To level your character go to Crew > Power up > select the character you want to level. From here you can feed other characters to your selected character.

If you choose characters that are the same color/type you get a 50% XP bonus.

Don’t feed evolver type characters or boss/ rare characters to your crew. Just feed them turtles, pigs and general fodder pirates. Also selling pirates usually isn’t worth the beli, your better off feeding them to your crew.

Crew Cost

Q: what is crew cost and how do i get more?

A: If it hasn’t happened yet it will eventually. You’ll evolve a character or try add a new character to your crew and you will be told it exceeds you ‘crew cost’.

Each character has a ‘cost’. This stops you from having a tanked team at a low level. To raise your crew cost you need to raise your pirate level (explained below). Every 2 pirate levels you go up you get 2 extra crew cost added.

Pirate Level

Your pirate level is the number in the middle of the top of your game page, the blue bar to the left indicates how much more XP you need before you go up to the next level. Each time you finish a battle you get pirate XP (unless the battle says otherwise).

As your pirate level goes up you also get a higher crew cost and a higher max stamina. Your stamina is also refilled each time you level.



Q: What ship should i upgrade

A: You shouldn’t waste your cola on any other ship but the Merry Go. Its the best ship out at the moment so just spent that sweet cola on her. (Merry Go gives 1.5x boost to crews attack and 300HP at Lvl 10).



Question : What is cola and where to farm it?

Answer : Cola is used to upgrade your ship. The complete list of ships can be found HERE. You can farm cola anywhere, if you get a chest after defeating an enemy, it will contain either cola or skillbooks. The best way to farm cola is to spend your stamina on half stamina event on story mode that has a lot of stages, for example : Arlong Park 10, Loguetown 10, Twin Cape 10, Whiskey Peak 10 and Little Garden 10.



You need Beli to level and evolve your characters. If you find yourself running out of beli you should go to the special isle on Saturday and Sunday for the Golden Cavern island. The Golden Cavern can give 20,000-70,000 beli a run, depending on if you are doing the 15 or 20 stamina island. As your characters get higher in level it will become more expensive to level them.

Eventually you’ll find yourself spending most of your Saturday and Sunday stamina on just the goldern cavern to pay for the week ahead.

You can also gain extra beli from selling characters(not recommended), and doing islands with x2 beli.



You can use gems to increase you box space so you can hold more characters (max of 200 at the moment), or to refill your stamina when you need to farm units (useful for farming raid bosses, especially once you have 80 stamina or more). Using gems to revive is a waste. It’s much more efficient to use it to refill stamina, so you can try the stage again (An exception to this is a raid boss. If the boss is too difficult to defeat normally, you can gem a few times to beat him. Most raid bosses are excellent units, and totally worth it but try limit to 5 gems).

You can buy gems or get them the following ways:

  • You get a free gem everyday from some event or the other. You must log in to get these. If you don’t log in on a particular day, you will not get a gem for that day.
  • You can get gems from login streaks.
  • Completing certain stages in the story islands will net you gems. They’re one time only.
  • Completing new islands on Extra Isle will net you one gem each. For fortnightly and raid bosses, you will get one gem for completing all difficulties. They’re one time only.
  • There are events where the players (as a community) have to complete certain tasks. Successful completion will reward you with gems and other goodies(e.g. x amount of Facebook likes in 1 week on their Facebook page)
  • Sometimes Bandai makes mistakes with characters or events. We’re usually rewarded with a gem for the inconvenience.


Account Recovery

Its best practice to get a temporary password each week. You need to do it weekly because your password expires after 7 days. If something happens to your account and you don’t have a password its nearly impossible to get that account back.

To get a password go to Others > Change device > Issue password.


Guest Captains

When you start a battle you get to choose a guest captain. These are other players around the same pirate level as you. If you don’t like the captains listed you can go back and click the chapter again to see different captains (sometimes doesn’t work). Friend the decent captains at the end of the battles so they appear in the list of captains to choose from.

If you choose a friend captain you use that characters captain ability If you aren’t their friend you don’t get to have their captain ability.


Friend points

You can use your friend points(FP) to recruit characters. You have a very very small chance of getting rare characters. Its not normally worth waisting FP as you get them. Instead you should save your FP until a special event were there is a higher chance of pulling something (such as turtles or pigs) from the FP recruit. Special events involving FP recruits are run about once a month.

You get friend points from choosing guest captains, friending guest captains, other players selecting your captain as a guest captain, and login streaks.


Captain Ability and Special Attack

Captain Ability: You want to pick a character with a good captain ability to be the captain of your crew. e.g. Gear third Luffy’s captain ability is; score 3 Perfects in a row to boost character’s ATK 3.5x, this is a good captan ability and because you were a-wear of it you make sure to get those 3 perfects in a row when he is your captain or guest captain.

When starting off you want to check your main characters captain abilities and have a team based around that captain ability. e.g. Zoro’s captain ability boosts Dex attacks by x1.5 so you want to have Dex members on his crew.

Special Attack: Special attacks can make or break a fight against certain bosses.

Usopp is regarded as one of the best characters. He’s actually farily weak but his special attack can delay the enemy by 3 turns, this comes in really handy against bosses.

You can level special attacks by feeding the character their skillbook or feeding them the same character that has the same name skill. Levelling a skill reduces the wait time to use the skill. (using skillbooks and feeding characters duplicates doesn’t always level the special attack so you need to feed them a lot of skillbooks/ dupes to level their special.)

There are special events held so special attacks have a higher chance of levelling up. You should hold onto your dupes and skill books until then if you can.

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Credits to : u/DAC1111, u/buttofcause, u/arckhevil OPTC blog OPTC official guide for some of the answers.

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  1. there are so many skill books how do you know witch skill books go to witch charters? also i maxed hawk eye mehawks special by waiting for the double chace to level special thats the only time you should use skill books and how do powers work some times i can socket 2 other times only 1?

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