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Biker Smoker Special Island

Biker smoker is stopping at extra isle!


Why should i care?

Complete the islands and you have a high chance of getting a Smoker and a small chance of landing a Tashigi (good slasher). Plus the following skill books are being dropped.

  • [Roronoa Zoro] Lion’s Song
  • [Mr. 3] Extra Special Candelabra
  • [Princess Vivi] Charge! Supersonic Duck Squadron!
  • [Miss Goldenweek] Colors Trap Calming Green
  • [Chef Zeff] Chef Drop
  • [Patty] The Meatball of Doom
  • [Mr. 9] Hot Blooded Bat


He looks strong how do i beat him?

The following teams are recommended to beat smoker 30 stam smoker.

  1. Double Arlong (50+) with a high slasher team and Usopp.
  2. Double Mihawk slasher team
  3. Double 5* Vista, V2 Helmeppo, Mr. 3, Buggy the clown, another strong int or Usopp
  4. Double G3 Luffy (70+) with high attack characters.

Videos of 30 stam Biker Smoker on JP

Double Mihawk


Double Vista


Double G3 Luffy


Extra info

  • There are 4 difficulty levels for Biker Smoker, 10, 15 (Veteran), 15 (Elite) and 30 stamina.
  • Smkoer hits for around 4,000 – 6,000
  • On 30 stamina he gets a first striker and locks your captain for 4 turns
  • On the last round once Smoker is near death he lock both captains for 3 turns
  • On 30 stamina smoker shows in the first round hitting for 4k after one turn

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