CBD Oil Uses List

As cannabidiol consumption is on the rise, many users have come forward with a plethora of reasons for taking CBD. Whether it is a mental or physical situation, CBD seems to do the trick one way or another! CBD oil, specifically, is a great source of CBD you can just pack up and take with you literally anywhere. So what exactly can you use CBD oil for and when should you use it? Here is a CBD oil uses list that includes (but not limited to) all the reasons to consume CBD oil.

CBD oil uses

There are many reasons why people consume CBD and for good reason. This chemical compound found in cannabis plants can be taken orally through oil, capsules, and edibles, or applied topically or inhaled through smoke. Read more for popular uses and reasons why people take CBD oil.

Anxiety and depression

Mental health is a serious subject and is a topic that people can write novels about regarding how CBD might benefit those experiencing symptoms. Anxiety and depression are conditions that can truly affect someone and their overall wellbeing, and CBD helps those that are having difficulty feeling happy or in a positive space. Sometimes, anxiety and depression symptoms are not in our control so it helps to have a friend like CBD be able to save the day with a few simple drops under the tongue. 

Those that take CBD for anxiety and depression notice they feel much more relaxed than previously taking CBD, and are able to either get through a difficult moment much more easily or completely curve the anxious and depressive episodes all together. The more consistent a person is with taking CBD the more they will be able to tell what kind of CBD oil and which dose works best.

PTSD symptoms

While anxiety and depression can contribute to this, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a real thing and involves so many other factors. PTSD can happen to those that have experienced a very traumatic situation(s) since anxiety and stress can often be an occurrence for those affected. Using CBD to treat PTSD symptoms is definitely like putting a bandaid on a bullet hole, but you are doing something in helping to facilitate further help if you are struggling with PTSD. Taking CBD allows many users to be open and conscious to new ideas and situations that are not usually apparent, which can help in combating PTSD or any type of compulsive disorder. While it is not possible to completely cure yourself of PTSD with CBD, it is definitely a gateway substance to allowing yourself the ability to be calm which helps a person to be more open and willing for new things.

Treat addictions

Everyone struggles with their own battles and addiction is most definitely a disease in itself. Using CBD oil is a good way to introduce the addict to something else and instead focus on the CBD effects and not wanting to try the substance they are addicted to. Whether it might be opioids or even marijuana, CBD is a good way to substitute that addict behavior and relieve yourself without being harmful in the process.

It is important to note that taking CBD as an addict might become addicting as well, so please be cautious when using anything new and knowing you have an addictive personality. CBD is meant to heal and calm so please be mindful when consuming as an addict and be aware that addiction can happen in many forms.

Relieve chronic pain

Dealing with unmanageable pain can be excruciating but it doesn’t have to be that way! CBD oil for chronic pain is one way to manage symptoms that seem to come back continuously. Sometimes at the end of the day, chronic pain usually ensues and taking CBD in the morning and evening can help with omitting those feelings of pain before it usually happens. Proactively taking CBD in this case can definitely help with battling painful symptoms. 

Neurological issues

If you have any kind of neurological issue that might cause other symptoms like seizures and migraines, then CBD will probably be comparable to receiving a gift from the heavens. Unlike pharmaceutical medication, CBD oil naturally helps fight these painful and crippling neurological symptoms that can affect a person’s quality of life. If someone has epilepsy and continues to have seizures, studies have shown how much CBD counteracts those symptoms to virtually no seizures or epileptic symptoms. It is truly a miracle for patients with symptoms like this to turn to such a natural and homeopathic solution versus having to take medication that makes you feel worse. No thanks!

More reasons to use CBD oil

Need more convincing? Here’s a quick (and rather short) list of more reasons to consume CBD. 

  • Antioxidants
  • Reduce stress
  • Increase appetite
  • Counteract insomnia
  • Antipsychotic effects (take to help counteract THC)
  • Treats skin conditions like eczema 
  • Helps with heart health
  • Digestive aid
  • Reduce risk of disease (diabetes, obesity, etc)

Best CBD oil

This CBD oil uses list is definitely a never ending one, and feel free to expand on your own. CBD oil is beneficial in more ways than one and can truly enhance your overall quality of life. If you need a good CBD recommendation, here is where to buy CBD online that is top of the line and certified so you know it’s nothing but the best. 

The Mobile Gaming Guide – Getting the Best Experience on iOS and Android

Mobile telephony has evolved significantly since its inception. The devices that initially only called and texted can now perform various computing tasks. Even a low-end smartphone today can access the internet, allowing you to play all kinds of online games. Internet casinos take advantage of the capabilities of modern hand-held devices to offer their products and services. Mobile casinos contribute a decent part to online gambling revenue. Estimations indicate that the global mobile gambling market will grow at a CAGR of 10.7% to reach over $50 million by 2025.

Given the prominence of mobile gaming, it is practical that a majority of gamblers will at some point play on their hand-held devices. Whether you prefer Android or iOS devices, you can expect to find a wide variety of casino games. Playing on mobile is not complicated, but for a person who is new to it all, it helps to know where to begin. Understanding what works and what doesn’t in mobile gambling allows players to curate their experiences. This guide attempts to hell with that. It provides tips on how to leverage everything that a mobile casino offers.

Your Platform Choice Matters

As with desktop casinos, you have to be cautious about the mobile website where you choose to gamble. Operators provide mobile options in two ways. One is by designing their sites to support HTML5, a programming language. These websites adapt to devices display size, thus, letting users play as if they are on regular online casinos. The other alternative is a native app that is available to download on iOS or Android. A majority of operators have apps for both operating systems, which have the largest user bases. Both mobile-responsive websites and apps offer excellent gaming; it all comes down to the quality of the casino. The primary distinction between the two options is that an app requires storage on your device while a mobile site is accessible directly from a browser. Therefore, you have to consider what works for you.

Mobile casinos also differ depending on their payment choices. Not so long ago, all gaming sites supported fiat currency. Now, gamblers have the alternative of cryptocurrency mobile platforms. If you prefer gambling with digital coins, then your selection is limited to an exclusive bunch. However, these sites are not that different from conventional mobile casinos. For example, when playing at Ethereum casinos, the game variety, bonus types and customer service don’t change. Hence, players don’t have to adapt to new rules. However, they do need to know how to deposit and withdraw with crypto. Whatever your desired gambling platform, ensure that you pick a reputable and regulated operator.

Device Compatibility is Key

Over the years, smartphones have changed in features, screen size as computing power. The higher the number of models on the market, the harder compatibility becomes. Today’s mobile telephony market has products with big and small displays, different memory options and touchscreen sensitivity. For this reason, some casino apps are compatible with selected devices and not others. Apps are particularly sensitive about the type of device. You can find that a casino app performs better on iOS 11 than 10. 

If you decide to play mobile games on an app, ensure you have a compatible device that enables you to enjoy all the available features. Mobile-optimised platforms are not as complicated because you only require an updated browser. Note that a device’s network connectivity also determines how well you play mobile games. A smartphone on 5G offers a better experience than one on 3G.

Prioritise Safety

Regardless of how fun mobile gaming can get, it’s a waste if it compromises your security. Mobile casinos have certain measures to guarantee the protection of gamblers. Nonetheless, users should also know how to stay safe. An advantage that hand-held devices have over PCs is that they have stronger physical security features. Smartphones and tablets use passwords, fingerprint scanners and facial ID to lock screens. Their operating systems also have inbuilt protection against virus and malware attacks. 

Besides that, you can install third-party anti-virus software to scan applications. When playing mobile games, avoid using public Wi-Fi to minimise the risk of cyberattacks. Smartphones give you the option of mobile data, which is inherently safer. If you use your device for regular payments, then stick to third-party services as much as possible, especially on public Wi-Fi. Avoid connecting directly to your bank account if you are not on a trusted network.

Choose Games Wisely

Winning odds don’t change when playing on a smartphone or tablet. The house advantage of a blackjack game is the same whether you are gambling on your iPhone or a laptop. Thus, be careful about your game choices. The game variety on mobile casinos can be just as diverse as on a regular website. However, the number of titles is typically smaller. Casinos usually halve their offerings in mobile due to limited space. Nevertheless, finding the games you want shouldn’t be a problem. 

Whatever your taste, always go for titles with a low house edge. You need to have as much advantage over the casino as possible. The golden rule is never to play anything with a house advantage of 5% or higher. Additionally, learn basic strategies for the games that require them. Effective gambling tactics can reduce the house edge significantly. Know the right bets to make, how much to wager and which actions to take. Be careful, though, not to rely too much on betting systems because they don’t always guarantee success.

Mobile gambling changed how people access casino games. It increased the convenience of online gaming and brought gambling options closer to gamblers than ever. However, the standard of the mobile gaming experience is not the same as on desktop. Therefore, it’s useful for players to learn the best way to gamble on hand-held devices. Whatever your preferred platform or games, make sure that you gamble responsibly.

2.3 Update

The 2.3 Update has arrived and we have been spoilt with loads of gifts.


Every one gets a GP Usopp! All the players who evolved to Sogeking in their early days can now have the GP Usopp they regrettably missed. Our box space gets a raise to 300! and the stamina refill time is halved!

Enjoy your time on OPTC.

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