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Buggy’s Counter Attack!

Buggy is at special island!

Units and Skillbooks




  • Veteran: Gum-Gum Pistol (G2 luffy)
  • Elite: Gum-Gum Bazooka (G2 Luffy)
  • Expert Gum-Gum Twin Jet Pistol (G2 Luffy)


Also you have a high change of getting a purple Daimyo Turtle to help power up your INT team.


So how do i kick Buggy’s ass over and over?

Buggy isn’t that hard to beat. Surprised? Well Buggy’s Island was one of the first special fortnightly islands released way back when everyone was still fairly new and weak so they couldn’t spring some Mihawk madness on us all so early on. Instead they threw in the great Captain Buggy.


Quick rounds breakdown (30 stam):

  1. General fodder
  2. Kill the black skull fodder – If one of these units has a black skull on them that means they can kill you one shot so kill him before he kills you. Other than that the rest are fodder.
  3. Fodder and a couple of turtles (Daiymo and small). You can stall on the turtles if you want.
  4. Kabaji or Moji plus a couple fodder: Most of the time they hit for the same as the fodder so kill off the fodder first. The mini bosses have around 150,000 HP
  5. Couple of high hitting fodder
  6. 4 fodder, 1 Crab and 1 Daimyo Turtle. The Crab hits for 4,100 so lookout!
  7. Buggy the clown with some fodder: The cannoneers hit for 2,500 each, Buggy hits for around 3,300 and has 300,000 HP


Recommended teams

Well really any mid levelled team with captains of x2 HP & x2 ATK, or x2.5 ATK boosting their stats can make it, plus maybe throw in an Usopp for extra measure the first run to be safe. Double G3 luffy, Whitebeard, Rayleigh, Marco with a good team can smash through it as well.




Double Zoro with GP Usopp


Marco + Shanks team

Double Arlong


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