2.3 Update

The 2.3 Update has arrived and we have been spoilt with loads of gifts.


Every one gets a GP Usopp! All the players who evolved to Sogeking in their early days can now have the GP Usopp they regrettably missed. Our box space gets a raise to 300! and the stamina refill time is halved!

Enjoy your time on OPTC.

Clash of the Clashes! Event


Sept.1(0:00) – Sept.14(23:59)PST

Another great fortnightly event is about to begin! What makes this event so great? Mihawk, Chopper, and Garp are coming back for 24 hours! This is your chance to obtain them or level up their specials to a more manageable level.

Garp Guide

Mihawk Guide

The event also has twice the chance of super success for a week and half stamina daily special islands for a week!

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