Cotton Candy


What does Cotton Candy do?

Cotton Candy will raise a characters stats (HP – ATK – RCV) permanently by +1 and give them 5,000xp.


What are Cotton Candys limits?

You can only raise your characters stats by a maximum of +200 and an individual stat by a max of +100 e.g. Raise ATK by +100 and HP +50 RCV +50.


Where can i get Cotton Candy?

You can get cotton candy from Events and it also drops randomly on story islands.


Who should i use my Cotton Candy On?

We recommend you use your ATK cotton candy on units that wont be outclassed and are used at the end of the tap chain. If you spend your ATK cotton candy on a unit such as Usopp who is normally the first unit in a chain then it wont add much ATK compared to the last unit who’s ATK will be increased by chain multipliers and maybe captain abilities.

For HP and RCV cotton candies don’t use them on a unit that has a special that will be outclassed later on. This will mean you wont use the unit anymore and the candies are stuck with him unless you feed them to another unit (yes if you feed a unit that had cotton candies to another unit it passes the cotton candies over).


How much does it cost to feed Cotton Candy to a unit?

The cost of feeding cotton candy to a unit isnt the same as feeding them fodder or skillbooks. It increases dramatically the more candy you feed to a unit (upwards of 50,000 beli for one cotton candy)


Tip: If your cotton candy is filling up your box then you can feed them to a fodder unit and then feed the fodder unit to the character you want to give the candies to later on to pass on the cotton candies.


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