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Franky Pervert’s Aesthetic! Special Island

Now is your chance to get Franky!


TypeClassRarityCostComboPriceMax Lvl / XP
PSYShooter420540099 / 3,000,000

 LvlHPAttack RCV

SpecialFranky Centaur
DescriptionLets you use a change slots SUPER freely 2 times, Bro.

Captain AbilitySuper Perverted Cyborg
DescriptionReduces damage taken if HP is 50% or more, boosts PSY ATK 2.5x if HP is 50% or more before attacking, and slightly reduces damage from other types of attacks


To take down this cyborg on 15 and 30 stamina you can only use INT units. If you run the weekly turtle time and used it to power up an int team then your finally in luck.



What else do i get?



MozuATK: 555 | HP: 555 | RCV: 265 | Special: changes INT slots to TND slots

KiwiATK: 444 | HP: 777 | RCV: 265 | Special: changes QCK slots to PSY slots



  • Kiwi – Wavy Square Hair
  • Mozu – Straight Square Hair
  • Usopp – Usopp Hammer
  • Tashigi – Quick Draw
  • Choo – Lip-o-Cannon
  • Shanks – Conqueror’s Haki
  • Vista – Rose Rondo


How do i beat the pervert?

The stages don’t have many surprises, its mostly fodder that you can stall on here and there if you want.

The main things to lookout for are:

  • The 9th stage Franky who pre attacks for 4,088 then you have another 4 turns till he attacks again (easy to take out),
  • Kiwi and Mozu randomly show up sometimes in their own round but are fairly weak
  • Kiwi and Mozu can show up on the 10th stage with Franky, they do a defence up and power up on the first strike and can make the stage really hard.


10th Stage Franky has 290,000 HP and 19,000 DEF


Attack Pattern of 10th Stage Franky:

  1. Pre-emptive 1809 damage + Change all orbs into Psy / Tnd / Empty
  2. Defense UP for 3 turns (DEF becomes 29.250)
  3. Silence both captain for 1 turn + hit for 5980 damage
  4. Nothing
  5. Silence both captain for 1 turn + hit for 5980 damage
  6. Nothing
  7. Silence both captain for 1 turn + hit for 5980 damage
  8. Nothing
  9. Normal Attack 5980 damage every 2 turns


The following teams are recommended:

  • Double Rayleigh – If your lucky enough to get one then he is your best bet to take down Franky
  • Double Towel Nami – Joined with Nico Robins special will take down Franky easy (can do it without Nico Robin as well)
  • Double Vista – less damage but a lot more HP to take some hits although if you have Nico Robin this wont be a problem.
  • Double X Drake – If you don’t have the above units then X Drake can do the job but can be risky as you need your HP below 30% for his x3 INT ATK special to work
  • Sir Crocodile – Paired with Vista or Towel Nami can do the job with a good INT team
  • Buggy – Paired with Vista or Towel Nami can do the job with a good INT team




Buggy & Nami



Double Nami

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