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Barrel Breaking/ Friend Game Guide



The Friend Game works by matching you up with someone “smashing” the barrel within 2 KM of your GPS location at the same time.

This means that, a big part of playing the Friend Game is coordinating with people near, or who appear to be near, you.

For people using android, being near someone is as simple as downloading a free app that spoofs your GPS location, such as: Fake GPS by Andev. For iOS, it requires a jailbreak.

Now just because the method for spoofing is different, doesn’t mean that the 2 platforms can’t Friend Game together, they can! It’s just that android users have an easier time GPS spoofing, and therefore will usually “come to” iOS users.

The next part is that the person has to be your friend. This means not only do you have to trade friend codes, but you have to go back to the home screen and approve their friend request mail, so that they are registered as a friend.



How To Play

Now that you have a friend on your list, within 2 km of you, you can play the Friend Game. To do this, click Friends -> Friend Game -> Start Game -> Proceed -> Start Mashing the Barrel.

If you did all the above correctly, a match should be found rather quickly, and you’ll get your rewards.


The subject of rewards is important. It has been discovered here: That your chest color is tied to your 6th digit.

You can use this graph to findout what barrel you have.

The etiquette I propose is that if you don’t have a gold chest, don’t join in the Barrel Breaking ID trade. It’s rude to reduce someone else’s rewards just because they were caught unaware.

Also, after notification that a friend request has been sent, it’s polite to return to your home screen within 2 minutes and notify them once you’ve accepted their friend request, so that you can break barrels with the person who has sent you the friend request.


Misc. Facts about Barrel Breaking:

You get 5 plays a week.

Those plays reset on Monday @ 04:00 PST.

The 6th digit with the gold chest rotates every 24h, which means that if you are wooden today, tomorrow you will be silver, and the following day you will be gold.

The rewards for the chests are:

Gold: Silver Keys ( To open the Pig Isle), Berry, Turtles, Coke, Friendpoints

Silver: Silver Keys, Turtles, Coke, Friendpoints

Wood: Friendpoints, Cola, 1 reported case of keys.

It appears that the chests weight the odds of you getting better rewards. So a gold chest has a better chance of keys/turtles than a wooden chest.


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Credit: u/MilkTheTank – Source

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