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Garps Special Island Guide

Garp the Hero is stopping at extra Island!


So what?

Well…. Once you beat the Hero you get him! Garp is a Top Tier PSY character and Captain. With a Captain special of x2 HP and ATK to PSY units.


Ok cool so how do I beat the Hero of the Marines?

Garp is no pushover. He has 5 rounds:

  1. Two mobs with cooldown 1-3
  2. Five mobs + seahorse (that will bind a unit for 3 turn if you don’t kill him)
  3. Helmeppo + Teen turtle: (pre-emptive attack of 2.550, TT 2 turn CD)
  4. Pistol Ensign + V2 Coby ( First turn: Ensign will bind bottom 4 units for two turns & Coby boosts himself. Second turn: Coby attacks with 12.000 deathblow hit)
  5. Garp (Attacks first three turns with 2.980, fourth with 18.000, fifth with 2.980 and next attacks are 10K hit)

As you can see to beat Garp you need to deal big damage fast.  Considering Garp has 2.1 Million HP and deals 10k damage every turn after 5 turns you wont want to be caught in any binds before you reach him either.


The following teams are recommended:

  1. Double Rayleigh
  2. Double V2 Nami, Broggy, Buggy, Robin, V2 Coby
  3. Double Vista, Broggy, Buggy, Robin, Krieg
  4. Double Mihawk, Vista, V2 Helmeppo, Alvida, Smoker
  5. G3/V2 Nami, Robin, Vista, Hina, V2 Coby
  6. Double G3, Robin, Vista, V2 Nami, V2 Coby
  7. Double WB, Vista, Robin, V2 Helmeppo, V2 Coby
  8. Vivi/LaboonMihawk and 3 lobsters
  9. LS/WS Zoro’s basic setup must include Alvida to tank the 18K hit from Garp, as well as Mihawk.

For a much more in depth analysis of how each team will fair agains Garp check this guide here



Double G3 Luffy


Laboon/ Vivi


Vivi/ LS Zoro


Double Mihawk


Credit: Reddit Garp Prep Megathread, Extensive Teams guide at reddit OPTC


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