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Quick General OPTC FAQ


  1. When is x event happening?
  2. When is (insert type here) rate up?
  3. What can I get from logging in daily?
  4. What should I know about 6* units?
  5. Short of buying them, how can I get more gems?
  6. When does the next island come out


1. When is x event happening?

A: No one knows until it’s announced by the developer. You can predict when a specific event gets released in global by checking the Japanese event database located HERE.


2. When is (insert type here) rate up?

A: The current pattern is: QCK, DEX, PSY, STR, INT. Each one of these last exactly 2 weeks.


3. What can I get from logging in daily?

A: Logging in daily gets you FP, beli, and most importantly, gems! The earliest these can arrive are 12 am PST for gems, and 4 am PST for FP and beli. You also get certain gem bonuses if you keep logging in, which are listed as follows:

  • 10 days: 5 gems
  • 15 days: 3 gems
  • 20 days: 3 gems
  • 30 days: 5 gems
  • 60 days: 5 gems

From day 100 onwards, a certain pattern is followed. Every multiple of 100 gets you 10 gems, while every multiple of 50 (that isn’t a multiple of 100) gets you 5 gems. So it should be something like this:

  • 100 days: 10 gems
  • 150 days: 5 gems
  • 200 days: 10 gems
  • 250 days: 5 gems

…and so on

Please note that your login bonus does not reset if you miss a day.

4. What should I know about 6* units?

A: 6* units are stat monsters and have great captain abilities. They’re always pulled in their 5* forms, so evolving them will be necessary to gain their monstrous stats. The only drawback to using a 6* unit is the high cost requirement (especially in its evolved form) and high XP to level them, low-levelled players will find it difficult to build a decent team around it. They can only be pulled during Sugofests. Currently, Whitebeard is the only 6*.

5. Short of buying them, how can I get more gems?

A: OPTC is pretty generous with gems, so there are many ways to get them:

  • You get a free gem everyday from some event or the other. You must log in to get these. If you don’t log in on a particular day, you will not get a gem for that day.
  • You can get gems from login streaks.
  • Completing certain stages in the story islands will net you gems. They’re one time only.
  • Completing new islands on Extra Isle will net you one gem each. For fortnightly and raid bosses, you will get one gem for completing all difficulties. They’re one time only.
  • There are events where the players (as a community) have to complete certain tasks. Successful completion will reward you with gems and other goodies(e.g. x amount of Facebook likes in 1 week on their Facebook page)
  • Sometimes Bandai makes mistakes with characters or events. We’re usually rewarded with a gem for the inconvenience.


6. When does the next island come out?

A:  New islands are released about once a month.You can check your notifications or the Global OPTC Facebook page to see if they have posted when the next island will be released.

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