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Ivankov Special Island


27th October for 24 hours!

Unit Stats

HP: 3,030

ATK: 1,155

RCV: 290

Captain Ability: Boosts ATK by 2.75x following a chain of DEX > INT > QCK attacks no lower than Good

Special: Changes own orb into QCK and every other orb into either RCV, STR, DEX or QCK orbs

Ivankov is a QCK unit and worth the time to add to your ever growing crew. She/he can come in handy in many situations and can be a good captain for powering through chapters with the 2.75 ATK boost.


How to Beat the Stage


Ivankov comes in a 30 & 40 stamina. If you can run the 40 stamina you have a much better chance of obtaining Ivankov.


Quick Stages rundown (40 stamina)

  1. Fodder (stall for your specials)
  2. Fodder (stall for your specials)
  3. Daimyo Turtle (stall for your specials)
  4. 3 Sea Stallions and 3 Fodder – Sea Stallions will lock a unit each for 6 turns and fodder locks unit it is weak to for 2 turns
  5. Ivankov – Preemptive 6,666 empties QCK slots and turns INT to STR | HP 1,800,000 HP | ATK 4,016 | When HP > 20% heals himself to 50% HP


On his second turn he gains x1.5 ATK and x4 Defence. The trick is to take out round 4 with a special that hits everyone so you don’t get locked and to save the rest of your specials for when Ivankov is near 20% HP to guarantee he doesn’t go under 20% HP and have the chance to heal himself.


Recommended Captains:

  • Double Roronoa Zoro Ashura Ichibugin – With Decent DEX team and Mihawk (use Mihawks special when Ivankov is near 20% HP)
  • Double Mihawk – GP usopp for extra measure and  DEX slashers such as Zoro and Law.
  • Double x2 ATK and HP Captains – If you can build a team from a captain that give x2 HP and ATK with units that change orbs and boost teams ATK then you can win as well, Just remember to you need to take out  round 4 in one turn.


Some videos from the Japan version:


Double Zoro, Mihawk, Law, Apoo, Ms. Doublefinger

Double Zoro, Mihawk, Kaku, Zeff, Kalifa

LS Zoro/Vivi, Mihawk, MC, Whitebeard, Killer



Good Luck!

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