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Kalifa’s secret Assignment Special island


Kalifa’s coming to special island. But this isn’t just any regular special island. You must beat her using only STR characters!

What You Get


  • [Jozu] Brilliant Punk
  • [Blamenco] Pocket Mallet
  • [Monkey D. Luffy] Gum-Gum Balloon
  • [Neptunian Squid] Poison Ink
  • [Kuroobi] Guffaw Palm Bomb
  • [Fire Pearl] Fire Pearl Privilege


Kalifa – High Tier DEX unit to have, good orb changer

  • HP: 1,728 – ATK:  963 – RCV: 378
  • Capt Skill: Receive 15% less damage from all sources; Heal 1000 health at the end of each turn
  • Special ATK: Change all orbs to [DEX] or [STR]

Paulie – Good DEX Stats plus locks Orbs

  • HP: 2,300 – ATK:  1,070 – RCV: 231
  • Capt Skill: Striker Characters gain 2x ATK
  • Special ATK: Lock all orbs for 1 turn


How to Beat her?


  1. General DEX fodder x4
  2. Pirate Penguin plus General DEX fodder x2
  3. General DEX fodder x4
  4. Red Daimyo Turlte (only 9 hp) plus General DEX fodder x3
  5. Kalifa – 200,000 HP, 3,030 ATK with 2x general DEX fodder (she is only a mini Boss)
  6. General Fodder x3
  7. General Fodder x6
  8. Green Crab plus General Fodder x 3 (will lock you if you let them attack)
  9. Green Daimyo Turtle plus General Fodder x3
  10. Kalifa – 664 HP, 4,044 ATK, Spec ATK 5,790 | Preemptive: Change RDV/ Tandem orbs to STR, Change all other orbs to QCK. Plus 2 general fodder that will lock if they have the chance.


Recommended Teams

For Kalifa You can only have a pure STR team. With the orb change on the last battle its recommended you have Blamenco or Knuckle Ensign Navy HQ to use the orb change to your advantage. The following teams are recommended to beat her.

  1. Double G3 luffy with half decent STR team
  2. Double Whitebeard will smash through
  3. Double Blamenco
  4. Double Arlong with good STR team (with Knuckle Ensign Navy HQ or Blamenco will help)
  5. High level Double G2 Luffy (or with Blamenco or G3 Luffy) with Knuckle Ensign Navy HQ
  6. Double Post Rampage Chopper with good STR team




G3 & G2 Luffy

Double Post Rampage Chopper


G2 Luffy & Blamenco


Double G3 Luffy




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