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Read The Rules.

  • No spoilers: Please refrain from discussing any major content from the Dressrosa arc forward. While this does not include things like character names, it does include things like character abilities or actions. Any spoilers from this time period will be deleted. Events from Punk Hazard and back are free to be discussed, while if someone is behind, it would be polite to not speak of those events, doing so is not against the rules.
  • Be Respectful towards your fellow members: Fighting, name-calling, or any kind of harassment will not be tolerated.
  • No derogatory language aimed at anyone: While we are not banning all vulgar language at the moment, sometimes you’re just upset and want to express yourself, this may lead to that if members can’t be mature. However, any language perceived as sexist/racist/etc towards another party, even if that party is fictional, will not be tolerated.
  • No discussing illegal activities, or activities that break the OPTC ToS: This one should be pretty self explanatory.
  • Do not use multiple chat accounts: There is no reason for a member to need more than one chat account that ends with something good. While you are free to chat as an anon, coming in with multiple temp names is completely unnecessary.
  • Keep Friend Game Matchmaking to a Minimum: At the moment, looking for a friend game partner in the chat is fine. However, only the initial looking for friend and reply messages should be in the chat. All other steps (setting location, giving friend codes, starting time, etc) need to be done in private chat, either in Chatango PMs or Reddit PMs.
  • Use Font Changes Sparingly: While italics, bold, underlined text, etc is a good way to put emphasis on something, that should be their purpose. Please do not constantly use these font changes.

5 thoughts on “Live Chat

  1. I have a question. Sometimes I try to level up my characters’ special of course during lv special events. Do you think you have a better chance example 5 Mihawks for Mihawk or doing all the Mihawks seperate? (1 at a time) I have had times by doing one at a time I will level up a special maybe 2 out of the 5 or 1 out of five and even 3 out of five. When I use 5 of the same character I might get one or none. I think I am just having bad or good luck in some cases.

  2. Hello. I need help for shelltown, for assignments 5,6 and 10 (for the assignments 10, i hâve hosaku and jonnhy)

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