Missions are basically tasks that you complete in exchange for a reward such as a Gem, Evolution Material or a Power Up Turtle.


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f0028Fushia Village
f0029Alvida's Hideout

Fushia Village

1Yellow Mascot!Capture 1 Sea Pony Appearing in Chapter 2 "Showdown! Higuma".1 Sea Stallionfushiamissionseaponydrop
Will only take a couple of runs
2Get the Money Back From the Badits!Take back 2,000 Beli from the bandits in Chapter 2 "Showdown! Higuma".1 Red Pirate Penguinfushiamissions2000beli
This can take a little while but hopefully you drop a Higuma while your collecting your beli
3Evolver Battle!Beat Chapter 1 "A Battle Among Men!" with a crew made up only of evolvers.1 Rainbow Gemfushiamissionallevolvers
Any 5 evolvers should be able to beat this chapter
4From Bandit to Pirate!Recruit 15 Bandits from Fushia Village.1 Rainbow Gemfushiamissions15bandits
Recommend you do this on chapter 2 to get beli for mission 2 and farm a Higuma if you don't have one for mission 7
5Defeat the Master of the Near Sea!Beat Chapter 3 "Urgent! Mater of the Near Sea" in 5 turns or less.1 Red Elder Turtleunder5fushiamission
Unless your completely new this should be a walk in the park
6Beat up Higuma!Land a total of 50 or more combo hits on Higuma, the boss of Chapter 2 "Showdown! Higuma" before defeating him.1 Blue Elder Turtlefushiamission50combo
Replace one unit in your normal crew with a lvl 1 bandit. Only use the bandit to attack 10 times in a row to reach the 50 hit combo mark
7Get Revenge!Make a three character crew with a Sword Bandit, a Pistol Bandit, and Higuma as the Captain, and use them to beat chapter 3 "Urgent! Master of the Near Sea".1 Green Elder Turtlefushiamissionhigumabanditteam
To be safe you can feed 2 lvl 1 bandits with 5 other bandits you collected during mission 4 to get them to level 8 and secure you a safe victory
8Captain Luffy's STR Crew!Beat Chapter 2 "Showdown! Higuma" with Luffy as a Captain of a crew made up only of STR characters.1 Yellow Elder Turtlefushiamissionsallstrteam
Fairly basic to complete
9The True Master!Beat Chapter 3 "Urgent! Master of the Near Sea" with Momoo as captain.
*You may use anyone you like for your crew including your Friend or Helper Captain.
1 Black Elder Turtlefushiamissionmomoocapt
You'll need to get Momoo from a Rare Recruit pull or Chapter 7 Arlong Park
10Use Your Special!Use Luffy's Special to strike the final blow in Chapter 3 "Urgent! Master of the Near Sea".3 Rainbow Gemsfushiamissionsluffyspecial
Stall the first couple of chapters using a lvl 1 bandit unit Luffy's hit is special.

Alvida’s Hideout

1Thieves' Shadows!Capture a total of 5 Red Robber Penguins and Green Robber Penguins from Alvida's Hideout.1 Red Plated LobsterDo this on chapter 2
2Red-Dyed Slot!Make all your slots red during chapter 1 "Encounter! Alvida Pirates".

*You will need 6 characters in your crew including a Friend or Helper Captain
1 Red Striped Dragon1
Use slot changers and one weak unit to stall for the special ATKs and hope for luck.
3Recruit Alvida's Crew!From Alvida's Hideout. Recruit a total 30 of Alvida's crewmembers.

*All new crew members must be cabin boys
1 Rainbow Gem2
Leave this till last and do on chapter 3
4Alvida's Booty!In Alvida's Hideout. Collect 20 Beli bags occasionally dropped by enemies.1 Rainbow Gem3
Recommend doing this last and on chapter 3
5Ultimate Damage!Deal a cumulative total of 400,000 damage or more during chapter 3 "Showdown!! Iron Mace Alvida"

*There are no restrictions on characters or number for on captain, friend and crew.
1 Red Elder Turtle4
Use G3 & weak fodder or evolution units to reach the x3 perfects. The 400,000 is total over the whole battle.
6Ex-Alvida Crew Rebellion!Use recruited Alvida's crewmembers to beat chapter 3 "Showdown!! Iron Mace Alvida".

*Your friend helper captain must be a Cannoneer Cabin Boy. The crew must have a STR Fighter, DEX Slasher, QCK Striker, STR Shooter, and Cannoneer.

*All crewmembers must be cabin boys.
1 Blue Elder Turtle5
Just use this crew and kick Alvida's but
7Defeat Iron Mace Alvida Quickly!Beat chapter 3 "Showdown!! Iron Mace Alvida" with 15 taps or less.1 Green Elder TurtleFind a unit in your character box that has a special that attacks and has a cool down under 15 turns
8Break With the Past!Beat chapter 3 "Showdown!! Iron Mace Alvida" with Smooth Smooth Fruit Iron Mace Alvida as Captain.1 Yellow Elder Turtle6
9Coby's Counterattack!Use Coby's Special "Shooting Spree" to beat chapter 3 "Showdown!! Iron Mace Alvida".1 Black Elder TurtleStall with a weak fodder or evolution material to get to his special ATK. Use his special then that turn finish Alvida.
10A Womans Battle!Beat chapter 3 "Showdown!! Iron Mace Alvida" using only Miss Monday as Captain.

*You can use any friend or helper captain
3 Rainbow Gems7


21 thoughts on “One Piece Treasure Cruise Missions

  1. So number 9 (for alvidas hideout) seems fairly straightforward –
    Use Coby’s Special “Shooting Spree” to beat chapter 3 “Showdown!! Iron Mace Alvida”.
    The problem is you can’t use shooting spree to beat anything seeing as it’s a slow changer ability and not a damage ability.

    How is this meant to work? Tried several times now with no success. Getting kind of frustrated.

    1. Look through your characters and look at their special attacks. Pick units that have specials can be used in 15 turns or less… I cant tell you specific characters because their cool down changes depending on what lvl the special is at and lots of characters have specials that can be activated in 15 turns or less, you just have to look at your characters for yourself.
      Good Luck!

    2. If your having trouble finding characters,u can use my flower sword Vista Special,which charges under 15 turns.My Friend code is 750-312-794

  2. Is it ok to finish mission 6 in alvida’s hide out without a friend helper ? Because I couldn’t find a cannoner as a helper captain.

    1. A combo is the number of hits a characters does in their attack. Use a weak character to drag out the battle long enough to reach 50 hits total on the enemy. I recommend on of the bandits because he hits 5 times on one attack and does very little damage to drag out the fight.

  3. Hi

    Where i found coby for mission 9?
    I fed him when i pass the isle but now i need him….he is only rare recruit or appear in a stage? Help me please

    1. You can get him from Rare recruit. Sugofest is coming up soon so if you spend a few gems on that you will probably get him.

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