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One Piece Treasure Cruise Ranking Guide


Rankings have come in version 3.0.0 and a few people are confused as the what exactly it is and whats changed. So I thought to put together a quick guide on how to take advantage of rankings and what its all about.


First Lets look at what you get. The rewards are broken up into 3 ‘Bounty Rewards’, the better you do on whatever the current challenge is, the higher level reward you will get. For this guide we will use the Coby Helmeppo reward system because its the first we are introduced to.


Bounty level rewards:

  1. Exceed 50,000 damage 5 times = 1 Yellow Elder Turtle
  2. Exceed 50,000 damage 15 times = 1 Cotton Candy ATK Power Up
  3. Exceed 50,000 damage 25 times = 3 Gems


The rewards are normally an Elder Turtle,  1 Cotton Candy and 3 Gems for each different fortnight stage. And the rewards reset with each new fortnight island that refreshed. If you score a level 3 bounty reward you also get the level 1 and 2 bounty rewards, and if you get a level 2 bounty you get level 1 bounty rewards.

How to get the Rewards

To get the rewards is pretty self explanatory, for example for the Coby Helmeppo Island you need to get as rankingimg1many 50,000 damage hits in as possible throughout the stage (excluding special attacks). The exact stage you need to do this on has a little Crown on it. (pic to the right)

To see the challenge you need to complete for the current fortnight island go to Friends > Ranking and click on the ‘Open’ tab, scroll down to read the rewards.

You are also given a bounty for how high your score is. You get new titles for having higher bounties. The highest bounty you can get is 1,000,000.



To get the highest Bounty and rewards you cant just go putting together your strongest team and go powering through the stage. You need to strategise and think of an efficient team to score as high as possible without dying. For example on the Coby Helmeppo fortnightly island a team of 2 G3 Luffys and a high ATK INT like Rayleigh or Vista along with 3 weak evos would be perfect. Use the 3 evos to get 3 perfects without killing anyone and the 3 strong units to hit for over 50k. If you dont have a G3 Luffy look at who you do have and try and make it work. Remember its a challenge and is made to make you think.


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