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Rob Lucci’s Special Island Guide

What do i get from completing the island?


Rob Lucci Dock One Sawyer

TypeClassRarityCostComboPriceMax Lvl / XP
QCKSlasher418640099 / 3,000,000

 LvlHPAttack RCV

SpecialTaciturn Combo
DescriptionDeals 25x character’s ATK in QCK damage to one enemy.

Captain AbilityTaciturn Shipwright
DescriptionDoubles QCK characters’ ATK.


Kaku Dock One Carpentry Specialist

TypeClassRarityCostComboPriceMax Lvl / XP
QCKStriker418440099 / 3,000,000

 LvlHPAttack RCV

SpecialMountain Wind
DescriptionAmplifies the effects of entire crew’s slots for 2 turns.

Captain AbilityAgile Shipwright
DescriptionBoosts QCK characters’ ATK and RCV by 1.5x.

f0325 Lulu: Shooter | HP: 985 | ATK: 682 | RCV: 223

Special ATK: Changes TND slots to RCV and RCV slots to QCK.

Skill Books:

  • Flame Mirror Flame Fist [Portgas D. Ace]
  • Blue Flame Rebirth [Marco]
  • Streaming Wolf Swords [Zoro]
  • Hearty Yell [Chopper]
  • Demonic Dance [Gin the Man-Demon]

Plus a gem for completing all 4 islands


So is he hard to beat?

Well it depends on if you have a good DEX team or not.. Yep thats right you can only use DEX units for 15 and 30 stamina islands.

30 stamina rounds quick guide

  1. 5 fodder
  2. 3 fodder and Pirate Penguin (can stall on Pirate Penguin)
  3. 4 fodder and a Daimyo Turtle (can stall on Daimyo Turtle)
  4. 6 fodder
  5. Kaku – Pre ATK for 4,000 | HP: 420,000 | ATK: 4,332
  6. 3 fodder plus a sea horse
  7. 3 fodder
  8. 4 fodder 1 Daimyo Turtle (another chance to heal or stall for specials)
  9. 2 fodder one crab (last chance to stall)
  10. Rob Lucci – Pre ATK changes orbs to QCK, STR or Meat | HP: 900,000 | ATK – 8,172 | Special ATK deals 36,267 DMG and is triggered when his health is below a third of his full HP so save your Spec ATKs until his HP is close to a 1/3 then smash him down before he can attack.

Lulu – Can randomly show up | Pre ATKs for 2,280 and changes all meat orbs to random orbs | HP: 400,000 | ATK: 2,280 | has 2 fodder and isn’t to hard to beat.

15 stamina rounds quick guide

15 stamina is setup very similar to 30 stamina. The main difference is the bosses.

Kaku: Pre ATK 3,300 | HP 320,000 | ATK: around 3,500

Rob Lucci: ATK: 4,890 | HP 480,000 (huge Special ATK when his HP is under 1/3 so stay clear of it)


Recommended teams

The following are the recommended captains for completing this island. For all captains throw in the best DEX team you can put together (OPTC DEX tier list for reference). Smoke is a great unit to have due to his special to help take some pound off one of Rob Lucci’s attacks, or if your running double Zoro then save Smokers special incase you go under 1/3 Rob Lucci’s HP and are up against his 36k Special ATK.

  • Double Ashura Zoro – probably your best option.
  • Double Trafalgar Law
  • Double Mihawk – If you have enough good DEX slashers. If your one short throw in Smoker For his special on one of Rob Lucci’s ATKs and pray for a miracle.





Double Zoro 30 stamina


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