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Tsuru’s Morning Stroll Special Island Guide

Tsuru’s Stopping at Special island for a couple weeks!


What you get from her stay:

Skill Books:

  • Gum-Gum Giant Rifle [G3 Luffy]
  • Impact [Usopp]
  • Breeze Breath Bomb Nez-Palm Cannon [Mr. 5]
  • 10,000 Kill-O-Guillotine [Miss Valentine]
  • Super Human Brass Knuckles [Miss Monday]
  • Igrappapa [Mr. 8]


  • Tsuru! Tsuru doubles the ATK of Shooter units which makes her a good Captain to lead a shooter team. She also has great INT stats and a special of Randomise all units; heals 2,000 health
  • Vice-Admiral Momonga! A PSY Slasher. He isnt a great unit but can be a good Slasher and PSY filler for teams if your lacking in PSY or Slasher units.
  • Vice-Admiral Onigumo! DEX Slasher with Semi decent stats. Can be used in DEX or slasher teams if you need to fill a hole. Special deals 10% damage which can be handy but isn’t a super effective special attack.



  1. Normal set of fodder
  2. Normal set of fodder
  3. Normal set of fodder Plus Turtles (you can stall here if you want)
  4. Momonga with fodder. Note Momonga deals large damage from his special when his health is below 20%
  5. Fodder again (can be cleared fairly easily)
  6. Crab, Turtle, Pirate Penguin and Fodder (can stall again here)
  7. Tsuru with 5 fodder. Tsuru has 525,000 HP, deals 4,020 ATK (2 turn intervals), her special heals all enemies by around 50,000.

There is also Onigumo who appears randomly. Deals 2,880 damage and gets a first strike which binds a random unit for 2 turns.

How to beat Tsuru

The following are recommended teams to take down Tsuru:

  1. Double Red-Haired Shanks with GP Usopp/ Sogeking and Fair PSY units
  2. Garp will be a great Captain if you an get him from his special island 24 hour appliance and level + evolve him to around level 40+. Fill your team with PSY units and GP Usopp/ Sogeking.
  3. Double G3 Luffy with a high ATK team
  4. Double Mihawk with a high level slasher team can do the job
  5. Double Vista along with a 50+ INT team will take her down
  6. Vivi/ Laboon combo as usual for most bosses can get it done with time
  7. Double Ashura Zoro with a strong DEX team.




Double Mihawk


Double Shanks


Double Vista


Extra Notes:

  • There are 4 difficulty levels. 10 stam, 15 stam, 15 stam, 30 stam
  • complete all 4 difficulties and you get a free gem (only once)





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