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Version 2.1 Coming Mid June


New in Version 2.1:

  • Drum Island Available
  • Missions!
  • Options to have no Friends or Helper Captains
  • Improved Tutorial
  • Filter Titles Alphabetically


  1. Drum island is the next island after Little Garden. This opens up some new characters for us, and let us farm Chopper. The most notable character is Wapol, a STR Shooter with an Attack of 835, RCV 142 and high HP of 2,940. Wapol also has an interesting captain ability; Heals 10x of current Recovery every turn.
  2. Missions are basically little tasks you can do in exchange for a reward. The tasks include things such as complete x stage in x rounds, farm x character etc.. The rewards can vary from small evolution materials to powerup characters and even Gems!
  3. Options to have no Friends or Helper Captains. This is for missions.
  4. Improved Tutorial. Self explanatory
  5. Filter titles alphabetically. Also self explanatory and a nice little improvement.

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